David Lazar

I am a postdoc at EPFL working with the DEDIS lab. I completed my PhD at MIT in 2019 under the guidance of Nickolai Zeldovich and the PDOS research group. My research focuses on security and privacy in distributed systems.



Most of my software projects are on my Github. Here are some highlights:


I am passionate about trail running, rock climbing, and mountaineering. I've hiked every tall peak in the White Mountains, multiple times, and I'm currently working my way through the Alps. In 2019, I ran my first marathon and this year I hope to run my first ultramarathon. Someday I'll thru-hike the PCT.

I chronicle some of my adventures on Instagram and in a newsletter.


For secure communication, I am happy to establish contact on Signal. I am also reachable on Keybase or by email: lazard csail mit edu.